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Algodones Beach, San Carlos

It is considered the great tourist gem of the State, and there are reasons why: its landscape, considered in 2011 as “the most spectacular ocean view in the world”, by National Geographic, displays a volcanic geography that merges with the turquoise blue of the waters of the Gulf of California, while the abundant sahuaros seem to raise their arms with pride to exalt this site of enormous abundance in marine flora and fauna. It is part of Guaymas, and it’s located only 15 kilometers away from it.

Tetakawi Mountain

From this iconic elevation, it is possible to appreciate a beautiful view of the beaches, marinas, mountains, and plains that surround the paradisiacal bay. Visiting it is a priority for foreigners and nationals.
📷 Attractions: views, flora and fauna, hiking, climbing

Artificial reefs

The Guaymas Navy ship ARM-P-106 SANTOS (2022) was sunk by the Secretariat of the Navy Armada of Mexico between Punta Cautín and the Tomate. Other artificial reefs include the remains of the fishing vessel Albatun (1992) and the shuttle Presidente Díaz Ordaz (1993), which lie at a maximum depth of 20 meters, 30 minutes by boat from San Carlos to the north.
📷 Attractions: diving, the sighting of flora and fauna colonies

Los Algodones Beach

Knowing that its name translates to cotton balls speaks to the delicate texture of its white sand dunes. With plenty of restaurant amenities alongside, it remains a popular attraction.
📷 Attractions: diving, sailing, windsurfing, temperate waters, dining out

San Francisco Beach

One of the busiest and most extensive in the area. Its gentle waves are perfect to spend a good time with the family, boat trips, snorkeling, and kayaking. Adjacent hotels provide services of the highest quality.
📷 Attractions: hotel infrastructure, water activities

Piedras Pintas Beach

Since it’s coast does not have hotels, many find this beach very attractive for all those who seek to escape for adventure, especially if they enjoy immersing themselves in a good dip and frolicking in nature.
📷 Attractions: diving, snorkeling

Pearl Farming: Sea of Cortez Pearls

Discover the first commercial marine pearl farm in the Americas and the only one in the world that uses a very special pearl oyster: the “Concha Nácar” or Pteria sterna. In 2004, the “Sea of Cortez Pearls” trademark is created, giving the company a new boost and increasing the quality level of the pearls. With more than 17 years of experience in the field of pearl oyster cultivation, pearl cultivation and jewelry production.

San Pedro Nolasco Island

45 minutes from the bay and without soils (only rock), it is home to thousands of sea lions and other species. For this reason, it was named in 2005 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Guided tours all year round!
📷 Attractions: diving, snorkeling, bird sighting, sport fishing

Soldier Estuary

The 300 hectares that make up this sanctuary protected by the state government extend 5 kilometers from the bay. It is the territory of more than 160 species of birds (116 migratory), marine and terrestrial animals, and 250 types of plants.
📷 Attractions: hiking, kayaking, biking

Nacapule Canyon

An extensive private natural park, characterized by having the greatest biodiversity among all the areas that make up the Sierra El Aguaje. Being a semi-tropical ecosystem, it appears to be an oasis in the middle of the desert.
📷 Attractions: hiking, zip lines

Scenic Lookout

Beautiful work that leads to the recognition of “World’s Best Ocean View”, granted by National Geographic (2011). Without a doubt, it is a must stop when visiting San Carlos.
📷 Attractions: panorama, modern facilities, souvenirs

Las Barajitas Canyon

Area authorized for ecological and adventure tourism that offers 1 kilometer of beach, cabins and a great variety of flora and fauna. Due to its conformation, it allows the incredible existence of two ecosystems. It is a sanctuary.
📷 Attractions: kayaking, diving, fishing, astronomical observation, hiking

Super lodging

The tourist in San Carlos will find several accommodation options: traditional service hotels, bungalows, houses and apartments for rent, condominiums, trailer parks and, even, the possibility of investing in a property or camping.
📷 Attractions: online booking, good availability all year long.


San Carlos has two world-class marinas: Marina San Carlos and Marina Real, both with docks and just over 700 jetties. With or without a boat, visitors can enjoy its attractive views.
📷 Attractions: beautiful walkways and facilities
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